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Hello, Selamat datang ke alunauwie.com. 

Hello Guys, you find me here.

Welcome to Alunauwie.com

I am just someone who love to find a meaning from story. I believe that we can take a lesson from every good story.

I've been reviewing many movie, series, book, and many more for as long as I can remember, and I can't imagine wanting to do anything else with my life.

I'm so excited that you've found my blog and are interested to join my journey. 

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  • Every article in this blog belong to alunauwie. If you want to use half or all of it, you can contact me first in the contact link. 
  • We open opportunity to do paid review and we will add description that the article is using for paid review. However, the review will still be carried out honestly, so that the validity of the post is maintained.

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